Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy and many require access to reliable vans to conduct day to day activities.

However, in many circumstances, small business owners cannot afford to part with vital cash reserves to purchase newer vehicles and often resort to buying much older vehicles instead. This introduces an obvious risk into their business operations. Should the van falter with age, so too will their business.

The other challenge is for non-VAT registered businesses. These businesses are unlikely to be able to afford the upfront VAT required to purchase a newer van, which again leans them towards buying a much older, in a bid to conserve capital.

So what’s the solution?

At flexideal we have teamed up with BNP Parabais who have created OptiVan lease,they can help your small business to invest in a newer vehicle. With an OptiVan Lease, you can spread the VAT over the term of the contract, helping to match payments with cash flow. Monthly payments can be tailored to meet your budget and by adding a balloon rental, these can be reduced even further.

At the end of the agreement you can trade in, retain possession or sell the vehicle.

With OptiVan Lease, you pay a smaller deposit and spread VAT payments over the course of the agreement, for a minimal start-up cost. You can make repayments that suit your cash flow over 12-60 months, for the most manageable deal.

When it comes to commercial vehicles an OptiVan Lease agreement represents a better choice all round. OptiVan Lease is a better deal if you rely on your vans as the workhorse of your business.

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